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Krinova runs and is a partner in a number of projects that, like pieces of the puzzle, contribute to creating sustainable growth and attractiveness. A majority of the projects are linked to Krinova’s profile area Food, an area strongly linked to several of the UN’s global sustainability goals, the 2030 Agenda. 

Krinova is also involved in projects with a local connection, as we also have a mission to increase the attractiveness and growth of Kristianstad and northeastern Skåne.

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Project Status

BASCIL – Innovative Solutions for the Rural Food Production Sector to Diversify into Sustainable Culinary Tourism Services

BERT. Baltic Sea Food Flagship – Enhanced Rural Tourism Through Farm to Fork

Signaturbild för Cirkulär utvecklingshubb för livsmedel

Circular food development hub

Food from the Forest

More digitalised rural businesses. The journey to get there…

Viable Cities – Climate neutral Kristianstad 2030

CONTRA Baltic Beach Wrack (Conversion of a Nuisance to a Resource and Asset)

Craft Go – business development, innovation and cultural history

De-stressing green outdoor environments

Det gröna affärssprånget (sv)

DIDEC – Digital Innovation for Dementia Care

Food Procurement 80/20


Glocalisation of Sustainable Food Processing

Go – sustainable development in the food industry

Good food story

Green Innovation Governance

Signaturbild för Framtidens mötesplats

Krinova – meeting point of the future