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Viable Cities – Climate neutral Kristianstad 2030

Viable Cities – Climate neutral Kristianstad 2030

Viable Cities – Climate neutral Kristianstad 2030

Viable Cities – Climate neutral Kristianstad 2030

The Klimatneutrala Kristianstad 2030 project will accelerate the transition to a sustainable, resource-efficient and climate-neutral society, in line with the Paris Agreement, the 2030 Agenda, the EU Green Deal and national objectives. Kristianstad Municipality is one of the 23 cities that, together with the strategic innovation programme Viable Cities and four authorities, are joining forces for climate-neutral and sustainable cities.

Together with Kristianstad Municipality and the other project partners – Kristianstad University, Skånetrafiken, Hushållningssällskapet Skåne and the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (SSNC) – and the local business community, Krinova will work to find solutions to the societal challenges posed by global warming.

Krinova’s role in the project is to work with innovation development in transport and agriculture, which are the sectors with the greatest climate impact in Kristianstad. New, innovative solutions for efficient and fossil-free transport and climate-smart agriculture with sustainable food production strengthen important actors and build competitive power for a climate-neutral society.

The overall goal is a climate-neutral Kristianstad by 2030, with reduced emissions and increased carbon sequestration. The project aims to deliver a roadmap for climate neutrality by 2030.

Project period
20211001 - 20240930

The project Climate neutral Kristianstad 2030 is supported by the strategic innovation program Viable Cities jointly funded by the Swedish Energy Agency, Vinnova and Formas.

Partners: Krinova Incubator & Science Park, Kristianstad University, Region Skåne – Skånetrafiken, Hushållningssällskapet Skåne, Naturskyddsföreningen.

Coordinator: Kristianstad Municipality.