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Krinova SCALE

Krinova SCALE

Ready for the next step

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Krinova offers: The Krinova SCALE programme gives you the opportunity to take your already established company to the next level. Whether you are looking to grow in a new market, need support in organisational or management issues, or just need a sounding board to discuss future strategic issues, Krinova SCALE gives you an independent party that can help you along your journey.

Who can apply: To participate in Krinova SCALE, you must have existing customers in the market and the company must have significant growth potential. The support is available to companies throughout northeastern Skåne, regardless of industry, and to companies from all over Skåne who have innovative business ideas in food, food-tech or agri-tech-related solutions.

Programme scope: 12 months

Co-work: Companies in the Scale program have access to our co-work office (free of charge) 2 days a week for two persons. Tuesdays and Fridays, according to opening hours. Contact your business designer for more information.


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Krinova START

Support from idea to market verification and launch

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Support for scaling up an innovative, sustainable idea

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Krinova SCALE

For established companies that are ready for the next step