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Sustainability is a natural part of all our business.


Sustainability is an integral part of Krinova’s work –– in the projects we engage in, the support to businesses, our food mission and the local initiatives. Sustainability is one of the driving forces and societal issues that both influence and become an opportunity in the innovation and business development support we provide. 

ISO 26000 
ISO 26000 is an international sustainability standard focusing on organisational social responsibility; social, environmental, and economic sustainability. Since ISO 26000 is not a requirement standard but a guiding standard, it means that companies cannot be certified against the standard. Instead, one can verify the self-declaration related to the standard, which also includes the global sustainability goals. 


Our self-declaration has been verified by VERIFY Agency of Sweden.

Please read more in the documents below (only available in Swedish)
Decision – statement Krinova 18 June 2024
Self-declaration 2024