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Krinova offers: The Krinova INCUBATOR programme offers you support to develop your start-up company into a fast-growing impact company, i.e. a company that tackles at least one of the global sustainability goals. The incubator programme is based on a methodology developed by Krinova and refined over more than ten years, specially geared towards food-related companies, in combination with support tailored to your specific challenges. 

In the programme, you will come into contact with several of our business designers, but you will also have a dedicated contact who will work with you throughout the programme.

Who can apply: To be able to participate in Krinova INCUBATOR, you need to have a company that is up and running, the business idea in your application must be innovative and scalable, and what you want to create must have a clear sustainability focus.

Programme scope: 24 months

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Max Pattara från Krinova

Krinova START

Support from idea to market verification and launch

Truls Bretz från Krinova


Support for scaling up an innovative, sustainable idea

Shabnam Byllbas från Krinova

Krinova SCALE

For established companies that are ready for the next step