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More Food – More Jobs

More Food – More Jobs

The “More Food – More Jobs” project offers customised initiatives to entrepreneurs who produce and/or process food products. The goal of the project is to increase food production and to get more people to work and thus contribute to implementation of the National Food Strategy.

LRF is project owner of “More Food – More Jobs”. Other partners are players in the agriculture, landscaping and food processing industries, the Swedish Food Federation, Krinova Incubator & Science Park, the Swedish Federation of Green Employers, Naturbruksskolornas Förening, and the Swedish Public Employment Service.

Krinova’s role in the project is to implement the “Krinova Growth Process (KGP) – for innovation capability”, which provides increased innovative force, and innovation and development capability in the company. KGP strengthens and develops the competencies and skills of both management and employees, and gives the company the necessary innovative force and ability to successfully complete in the future. Based on interviews and dialogue with executive management and employees, a programme is custom-tailored to strengthen companies’ innovative force and development capability, including globalisation capability. The work is carried out through strategic and practical work together with the company’s management and employees. The programme spans two years and consists of six parts that are adapted to the needs of each company.

10 companies will be given the opportunity to implement a KGP process within the project. 5 + 5 companies in two different regions of Sweden. The two test regions will serve as pilots for a model that will be spread nationally via the project.

Project period: 2019 – 2022