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Food from the Forest

Food from the Forest

What is edible in the forest, and how can we make the most of it? The offering, raw materials and flavours of the forest are a fantastic goldmine and a resource that can be regrown again and again. Can we use the forest to increase food production, obtain sustainable products, and increase resilience and self-sufficiency? 

This is the focus area of Food from the Forest (Skogens mat), which is a sub-project of the Treasures of the Forest (Skogens värden) project.

Two Food Jams will be organised to experiment with the theme of “Food from the forest” and how to make the best use of it.

Through Food from the Forest, five companies will also be given the chance to work with Krinova’s business designers, and thus have the opportunity to evaluate and then further develop new possibilities that exist in their business with links to the forest.

Treasures of the Forest is a collaborative project aimed at creating new jobs in rural areas and utilising the development potential of Skåne’s forest in the areas of wood processing, food from the forest and tourism.