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WISA Stormwater Workshop

WISA Stormwater Workshop

WISA Stormwater Workshop

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WISA Stormwater Workshop

The Baltic Sea is one of the world’s most polluted sea, with more than 45 million tonnes of fertilizers passing through the ports annually. This contributes to releasing fertilizers and nutrients in the water system which leads to eutrophication in the Baltic Sea, resulting in excessive algae blooms and dead sea beads.

The main challenge addressed by the WISA project is handling pollutants in stormwater in seaport areas around the South Baltic Sea region. To be able to develop and test new green technologies, in order to reduce pollution discharges we first need to know what is handled and what is in the stormwater. This knowledge will contribute to sustainable development, especially ecological, but also economic as well as social development.

When joining the event, you will bring home an up to date insight into challenges and solutions linked to Stormwater well as a broadened network.

During the event we would like your help to workshop around 3 challenges we came across in the initial Stormwater sampling work:

  • Challenge 1: Sampling approach & How to sample
  • Challenge 2: Where to sample
  • Challenge 3: Parameters to focus on in the WISA project

Join the WISA Stormwater Workshop and contribute to a cleaner Baltic Sea. Looking forward to seeing you!



26 mars 2021


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24 mars 2021