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Krinova – Incubator and Science park

Krinova – Incubator and Science park

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We want to meet you

We have developed a number of different programmes, all with the entrepreneur in focus. Read more about how we can support you as you take your business idea or company t

Office space and meeting venues

Krinova is the meeting point of opportunity. We offer both venues for meetings and conferences and an office environment that invites networking.

Engine for innovation

Krinova’s profile area is Food. We strive to be a strong voice for innovation and entrepreneurship in the food sector in Sweden and the Nordic region.


3 October 2023

Four new Skåne food companies to Krinova’s incubator

Krinova welcomes four new Skåne food companies to the incubator, which accepts businesses from across the nation. The companies have their origins in research and industry, respectively. A common denominator among all of the companies is a focus on sustainability and an aim to expand in an international market. “I am proud to welcome these passionate entrepreneurs to Krinova’s incubator. We look forward to being part of their journey and providing support so that both they, as entrepreneurs, and their […]

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23 June 2023

Krinova strengthens its position in sustainability and food

Krinova is continuing its efforts and strengthening the team in the field of sustainability and food. Agneta Påander, Johanna Gerberich and Brian Mårtensen, three experienced profiles in their respective fields, are now linked to Krinova’s operations. “This is part of our long-term strategy. With this initiative, we are advancing our positions and becoming even sharper in our profile area of food and sustainability,” says Christian Nyhlén, CEO of Krinova Incubator & Science Park. Agneta Påander is a leading expert in […]

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23 June 2023

Fine fish, completely plant-based  

“No food producer has managed to create a plant-based alternative to fish that also meets our demands for good flavour. We saw that there was a gap in the market and we wanted to fill it,” says Ola Secher, one of the two founders of Nothing Fishy, the incubator company that has developed and produced a vegan fish substitute.  Chefs Ola Secher and Jared Christensen are the brains behind Nothing Fishy. Ola specialises in molecular gastronomy and has several years […]

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Nothing Fishy burgare

Krinova in numbers

Ikon besökare/Icon visitor
Visitors to meetings and conferences
ikon för hyresgäster
More than 100 companies are domiciled at Krinova
ikon för matrelaterade företag
food-related companies in the food community
ikon för innovations- och utvecklingsstöd
More than 600 companies have received innovation and development support