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The SB FICA final event

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The SB FICA final event

The project South Baltic Food Innovation Culture Actors, SB FICA, is a cooperation and capacity building project within the South Baltic Programme. The Partnership consists of Krinova Incubator & Science Park, Kristianstad, Czarna Dąbrówka, a small municipality in Northern Poland, Rietavas Business and Information Centre from Lithuania and the Baltic Sea Cultural Centre in Gdańsk.

A joint need from all partners to build capacity within their own and the associated partners organisations to work cross-borders was the bases for the project design. Capacity building is about knowledge and exchange of good practice – and the project would give the local actors ability to take an active part in cross-sectoral networks and cross-border events. The common denominators in the project have been food and sustainability.

During this final event we invite all participants to take part in the FIKA Food Jam. The value of the Food Jam is the sum of the shared knowledge. We therefore hope to see a good mix of people. The FIKA Food Jam involves three parts: introduction, baking and testing the result.


12 december 2019

Krinova Incubator & Science Park