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FoodHack by Biobord

FoodHack by Biobord

FoodHack by Biobord

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FoodHack by Biobord

Does innovation, sustainability and food make your heart leap? Are you passionate about the more sustainable future of food? Then join us!

Food Hack by Biobord is a digital 24-hour long innovation competition hosted by the Interreg Baltic Sea Region project ConnectedbyBiobord, with a transnational team of experts and hackers.

Our food system is facing multiple challenges, including decreasing availability of natural resources and the co-existence of hunger and obesity issues. Such complex problems require that diets and food production move towards a more sustainable direction: how can food companies contribute to this goal? In this Food Hack, various challenges will be used to promote cooperation among companies and to tackle the existing problems of our food system.

  • How to share and exchange expertise knowledge
  • Finding new and different strategies for marketing healthy and nutritious food
  • Changing the perception of plant-based proteins
  • Transforming the attitude towards new products including protein from insects and insects as food
  • Exploration of new protein sources

Do you like to listen to interesting speakers, engage in discussions, hear the presentations of the hackers and mingle with people who have passion to change the food system?

Register as an audience member here!


11 mars 2021

Zoom and Teooh