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ConnectedbyBiobord – Biobord open innovation platform connecting bioeconomy developers in the Baltic Sea Region (BSR).

The challenges to be addressed within ConnectedbyBiobord revolves around building a competitive transnational collaboration in unlocking new market opportunities within bioeconomy in a region with similar challenges. With limited number of actors and innovation infrastructure, the rural regions within the Baltic Sea Region (BSR) need strategic building of alliances and co-operation to effectively apply smart specialization.

The project is an extension of the RDI2CluB project (Rural RDI Milieus in transition towards smart bioeconomy clusters and innovation ecosystems) were the continues goal is to support smart, sustainable, and inclusive growth of bioeconomy in rural areas of the BSR. ConnectedbyBiobord will expand knowledge generation and raise the innovation capacity by sharing knowledge on smart specialization approaches, exchange experiences on co-creation methods and transnational partnerships.

The target regions of the ConnectedbyBiobord project are Central Finland (FI), Inland (NO), Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship (PL), Vidzeme (LV), Värmland (SWE), Skåne (SWE) and Pärnu (EE) that represent rural regions in BSR with a smart specialization strategy focusing on bioeconomy or its sub-sectors. The main target groups are the actors of the regional innovation systems – policymakers, academy and business – and the rural bioeconomy enterprises in the target regions.

20201001 - 20210731

Partners: JAMK University, Vidzeme Planning Region, Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences, Institute of Environmental Solutions, Tretorget Ltd, SEI Tallinn, Paper Province, Pro Civis.