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11 June 2023

Matchmaking between Vermont and Skåne

In partnership with Windham Global Partners, an independent business network in Vermont, Krinova carried out its first “matchmaking” between companies in Skåne and Vermont. This was an activity within the framework of the Letter of Intent signed between Krinova and Windham Global Partners. 

First out from Skåne was Diego Vegas Skoglund, entrepreneur, innovator and owner of Östersken in Kivik. He runs a wild cider orchard and offers tasting of both dry cider and wild must. Diego is particularly passionate about biodiversity conservation and development.

The participants from Vermont were apple companies Green Mountain Orchards and Scott Farm Orchard. 

Ralph Meima, Christian Nyhlén, Karl-Erik Grevendahl
The collaboration with the state of Vermont has been formalised around the exchange of experiences related to small-scale innovation systems and sustainable food production. From left to right, Ralph Meima, Christian Nyhlén, CEO of Krinova, and Karl-Erik Grevendahl, Krinova.

Krinova led the “matchmaking”, where the participating companies had the opportunity to share knowledge and experiences and to discuss the challenges of the different markets. 

“This is part of our internationalisation and a way to gain knowledge from other agricultural and food markets,” says Christian Nyhlén, CEO of Krinova Incubator & Science Park.

The next “matchmaking” will focus on distilleries. If you would like to learn more or are interested in participating, please contact Karl-Erik Grevendahl, Business Designer at Krinova, who is responsible for the collaboration between Vermont and Skåne.