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3 October 2023

Four new Skåne food companies to Krinova’s incubator

Krinova welcomes four new Skåne food companies to the incubator, which accepts businesses from across the nation. The companies have their origins in research and industry, respectively. A common denominator among all of the companies is a focus on sustainability and an aim to expand in an international market.

“I am proud to welcome these passionate entrepreneurs to Krinova’s incubator. We look forward to being part of their journey and providing support so that both they, as entrepreneurs, and their companies reach their full potential,” says Christian Nyhlén, CEO of Krinova Incubator & Science Park.

The companies are given a customised incubator programme with a dedicated business designer and access to services such as financing, intellectual property rights and product development. Krinova’s Incubator Programme is based on more than ten years of experience in innovation support and business development. Krinova works actively to collaborate with other incubators so that the companies get the best possible prospects and can utilise the strengths of different incubators. Three of the current companies are co-incubated with either Ideon Innovation or Medeon.

The four new incubator companies are:

Agrodit – has developed smart irrigation technology for plant cultivation. By optimising the irrigation system, Agrodit will contribute to more efficient use of water resources in agriculture and reduced environmental impact. Agrodit also helps track savings in water footprint and carbon sequestration in the food value chain. Agrodit is a co-incubation with Ideon Innovation.

Cold and Dry – offers energy savings in the cold chain. Cold and Dry is a co-incubation with Ideon Innovation.

Dapibuset – offers an alternative to soybean-based feed that can also be produced directly on the farm by the farmer. With their technology, they solve the complexity of finding a sustainable feed that meets the protein and amino acid needs of the animals, but does not compromise growth performance, local availability and cost-effectiveness for the farmer.

Re:meat – is currently building Scandinavia’s first local production of cultured meat. This is groundbreaking technology that has the potential to revolutionise the food industry and offer an alternative to traditional meat production with a reduced carbon footprint. Re:meat is a co-incubation with Medeon.