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26 April 2022

WISA partner meeting in Klaipeda

Interesting meetings, workshops and study visits to the port – it was a packed program when WISA project partners from Poland, Sweden and Lithuania met in Klaipeda in April for this year’s first physical meeting.

– We got a very good update about our partners’ work, says Jan Persson, Krinova’s project manager for the WISA project. The project ends in November, and all work and activities are now linked together into an exciting result.

– It was also very informative and interesting to hear Klaipeda port’s future plans and challenges with its “Green Port Concept”, Jan Persson continues. The port in Klaipeda is the fourth largest around the Baltic Sea and it was exciting to see the port with your own eyes during the two-hour boat tour.

Krinova’s role as lead partner in the project has provided an opportunity to develop Testbed WISA, which is a testbed for water related innovations. The existing infrastructure in the port of Åhus will be used as a test environment, and one of the project’s deliveries is to prepare a definition and details for the test bed.

The fourth of the project’s workshops was held in Klaipeda, where project partners this time focused on Business model canvas, Private Public Partnerships and Value proposition.
– In the WISA project, Krinova has been able to build and test different business models that will also be used in future projects, says Max Pattara, business designer at Krinova who together with Jan Persson leads the project’s workshops.

Jan Persson– Some workshops were online, and it worked well, Jan explains, but in this type of work it is easier to meet. It is an advantage to meet physically because you can interact with the participants in a different way, and it is easier to capture their issues. It becomes more dynamic and provides a nice energy, Jan concludes.