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13 April 2023

Support for 150 entrepreneurs and 500 jobs created

In 2022, Krinova provided innovation and development support to 150 entrepreneurs. In the same year, 18,000 participants attended the various meetings and conferences organised at Krinova, bringing meeting activity back to pre-pandemic levels.

At Krinova AB’s General Meeting on 13 April, the company’s financial accounts and balance sheet were adopted. Turnover for 2022 amounted to SEK 24 million, which is an increase of SEK 2 million compared to last year. The purpose of Krinova’s operations is not to make a profit, but to create growth in the companies that Krinova works with.

500 jobs were created in the companies supported by Krinova in 2021 and growth, measured in turnover, has increased by 40 percent over the past five years.

Based in the local business community, Krinova’s mission is to increase the attractiveness and growth of Kristianstad and northeastern Skåne. In parallel, Krinova has developed a unique regional and national position in the food sector.

“Krinova’s core issues in innovation, food and sustainability have become increasingly relevant to society and are burning issues. 2022 was characterised by supporting companies, industries and regions to find new paths for green transition, self-sufficiency, competitiveness and innovation. We have also contributed by working in major projects – together with other societal actors – to drive development in a number of different areas, such as climate-smart solutions and sustainable solutions in a local context, promoting collaboration in the food sector, and public innovation leadership,” says Christian Nyhlén, CEO of Krinova Incubator & Science Park.