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Sustainable food production of the future in collaboration

Sustainable food production of the future in collaboration

A lot is happening in the food and grocery industry. Global megatrends are affecting even local food artisans, and the increased interest from consumers is placing new demands on the industry and changing the playing field. The project “Sustainable food production of the future in collaboration” is based on primary producers in Skåne and the challenges that the new times pose to them.

Through funding from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development; Krinova offers farmers the opportunity to collaborate with each other, Krinova and LRF Skåne in order to develop new and innovative ways to conduct economically, ecologically and socially sustainable food production with the aim of creating better conditions for the primary producer. In collaboration with Krinova’s staff, who have extensive experience in innovation work, project participants use their own operations and existing offering as a starting point that they finesse from new perspectives with the help of innovation-driving tools.

In parallel, participating farmers work together to build a shared platform where they can learn, inspire and support each other. Possible outputs of the project could include shortened value chains, new channels to customers, and communicatively developed offers. During the project period, each participant will be involved in a pilot test, where live tests of new business opportunities are performed.

Project period: March 2019 – November 2020