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Project WISA – Water Innovation System Amplifier

Project WISA – Water Innovation System Amplifier

In the 3-year project WISA, the aim is to develop and test new technologies to reduce pollution by stormwater from ports and other large hard surfaces. The handling of pollutants in stormwater is a challenge for ports. Active environmental work is in progress, and there is an increasing demand to reduce pollutants that end up in the stormwater.

In the innovation work in the project, collaboration with various companies and researchers is key to solving the stormwater challenges. Krinova plays a coordinating role in the project linked to e.g. the WISA testbed.

This project will use the water testbed WISA, where the concept is to use the existing infrastructure of e.g. the Port of Åhus as a “real life” test environment. The port in Gdynia, Poland is also taking part in the project together with the respective port’s local university.

In addition to purely technical solutions, other success stories have also emerged during the project. Stories shared in this film:

Project period: 1 June 2019 – 30 November 2022
Project funded by: Interreg South Baltic
Lead partner: Krinova Incubator & Science Park

The project is funded by Interreg South Baltic, and partners in the project are the Port of Åhus, Klaipeda University, Gdansk University of Technology, and Port of Gdynia Authority S.A.

Associated partners: The EU Office Skåne Nordost, Region Skåne, Skåne County Association of Municipal Authorities, Regional Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management in Gdansk, Municipal Solid Waste Plant – Gdansk, and Association of Lithuanian Stevedoring Companies (industry association of port companies).