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Project Testbed Balsgård

Project Testbed Balsgård

Project Testbed Balsgård

Project Testbed Balsgård

Testbeds are a place for collaboration, where new ideas can be tested as early as the development phase. In a time of ever faster and more complex development of goods and services, testbeds are becoming increasingly important for innovations that are pioneering and taking things to new heights. Through use of a testbed, risks can be reduced and market introduction accelerated as innovations are verified and validated early in their development.

The aim of the project is to fortify the innovation power of companies in rural areas of Skåne, and create better conditions for more – and more innovative – beverage companies.

The goals are to:

  • Make the test facility available, primarily as a regional resource for Skåne SMEs to develop new concepts for beverages and pumpable food products.
  • Develop, package and present the testbed’s offering as an attractive resource in the Skåne innovation ecosystem and for individual food and beverage companies.

At the Balsgård testbed, both start-ups and established companies can develop new beverages and foods with the support of extensive industry knowledge, experience and creativity. Through the project, companies gain access to expert knowledge of raw materials, and support in business and concept development to product development. Here, entrepreneurs can transform their idea into product and onwards.

For entrepreneurs
If your company is in the early stages, a start-up, or is a small to medium-sized company that needs support, you are welcome to join us. We want to achieve the best possible results with your resources, and can also help you navigate and find funding options for your business idea.

You do not need a fully developed idea or plan to contact us. At Balsgård, you – the entrepreneur – and Krinova’s business designers can do this together!

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