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Signaturbild för Framtidens mötesplats

Krinova – meeting point of the future

Krinova – meeting point of the future

The meeting between people has never been more important – or more difficult – than it is now. New solutions are required to meet the needs and demands that entrepreneurs of the future have for a flexible and hybrid way of working, involving both attractive networking environments, focus-fostering workspaces and digital development areas.

Krinova’s ambition for this project is to create the meeting point of the future that responds to entrepreneurs’ need for a dynamic workspace with both physical flex spaces and digital solutions as a strengthening aspect of the hybrid society.

To achieve our ambition of a dynamic workspace, Krinova wants to complement our current science park offering with a supplementary flexible office solution in the form of a co-working space. The physical co-working space will also be supplemented with a digital development area, where entrepreneurship will be able to continue regardless of the challenges of the future, but which will also be able to function as an enhanced value proposition to the entrepreneurs connected to Krinova.

The project will contribute to the development of a new co-working concept for Krinova’s new meeting point, where the goal is to provide planning conditions for an attractive hybrid environment with an elaborate concept that takes our food focus into account, but also focuses on the meeting, the community and growth in the region.

Project period
20230201 - 20231130

Project owner
Krinova Incubator & Science Park