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De-stressing green outdoor environments

De-stressing green outdoor environments

Krinova is participating in a collaborative project where researchers will develop a certification system to make it easier for companies to create a good working environment.

In the project, a ranking system will be developed, where buildings will be awarded points based on eight different environmental psychological experience characteristics (the characteristics are described further down on the page). Nine large real estate companies are participating in the project, and the end goal – having a certification system in place – is unique.

Approximately 40 properties are taking part in the project – including schools, hospitals, offices and police stations. The idea is for the system to be applicable to all types of buildings. Sweden is at the research forefront when it comes to studies of green environmental qualities and the impact of environmental experiences on human well-being.

Experience characteristics

Eight experience characteristics – defined through over 30 years of research at Alnarp

  • Tranquillity: Places that are calm. Sounds from the wind, water, birds or insects dominate over traffic and people rushing about
  • Wildness: Fascination for nature objects, such as self-sown plants, moss and lichen-coated rocks, exciting plants
  • Biological diversity: Spring, bulbs, the first wood anemone, diversity of plants and animal life, fall colours, berries
  • Sense of space: Like entering “another world”, the great whole. Can think things through while taking a walk or jogging
  • Common land: An open space where you can spend time for free, e.g. spontaneous ball games, picnics, public gathering place with room for many
  • Garden paradise: Safe place, preferably surrounded by greenery, for having a coffee, conversation between just a few people or just relaxation, where you dare to let go of your child’s hand
  • Centre/party: Where you go to have a pleasant time, eat lunch, have some coffee, and meet others
  • Cultural history: the historical heritage, traces of past generations’ existence, fascination with monuments, historical sites, old buildings and trees, monuments