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19 April 2023

Malmberg wins the Innovation Award in Kristianstad

At the Golden Jubilee Gala in Kristianstad on 19 April, Malmberg received the Innovation Award presented by Krinova Incubator & Science Park.

The environmental technology company Malmberg, based in Yngsjö outside Kristianstad, has a rich history. Founded in 1866, new and better technologies have been the company’s driving force for over 150 years. From water treatment and drilling to geothermal energy and biogas, there has been a lot of history, innovation and learning along the way.

The Innovation Award jury states the following:
This is the company that aims for nothing. Towards zero. A company that, with the legacy of five generations, can lean on a strong history, but which also takes steps towards the future by combining innovation and long-term thinking. Their passion for a cleaner world has been refined in the Generation Zero concept, showing that innovative energy and water solutions are a way to not only develop successful business but also meet the societal challenges of the future. A quest for zero emissions and zero residual flows. However, innovation is more than just the creation of new products. It is also a way of thinking that should be reflected in many different ways in a company: in the method of communication, in new forms of collaboration, and in how new paths for competence supply are found. This year’s Innovation Award winner has tackled all this with focus and commitment.

“Malmberg is a very worthy winner of the Innovation Award, where fresh thinking and innovation have run as a common thread throughout the company’s history,” says Christian Nyhlén, CEO of Krinova Incubator & Science Park, which is behind the Innovation Award.

The Innovation Award rewards innovative entrepreneurship and ideas that show how new opportunities and creative solutions can be put into practice. The award focuses on ideas with a high level of innovation, commercial potential and sustainable entrepreneurship.