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8 June 2023

Franka Drinks aims to become a leader in non-alcoholic drinks

“We felt there was a lack of good non-alcoholic alternatives that appealed to adults in the most memorable and social contexts. We want to address this through the launch of our Franka Nordic Aperitif, which will make it both easier and tastier to choose non-alcoholic,” says Stephanie Wredenmark Godée, CEO and one of the three co-founders of Franka Drinks.

Efter nästan två års intensivt arbete med utveckling av recept, tester av flaskor och paketering av hela konceptet är den första produkten Franka Nordic Aperitif aktuell i kickstarterkampanj som startade första juni. Inspirationskällor till drycken är de italienska aperitiferna Aperol och Campari.
– Vi ville modernisera konceptet med nordiska råvaror och en dryck producerad i Skåne. Vi ser att den yngre generationen i allt högre utsträckning ifrågasätter att dricka alkohol, vilket är en effekt av ett allmänt ökat hälsointresse. Så det känns som vi ligger helt rätt i tiden, säger Efe Akol, en av de tre medgrundarna.

First Swesen, then the world
The team behind the incubator company Franka Drinks – Per Wredenmark Godée, his sister Stephanie Wredenmark Godée and her husband Efe Akol – are all connected to the restaurant industry. They are a close-knit team with a wide range of experience and expertise in the form of creators and designers, business intelligence and solid experience in sales. Early on, the team had a clear picture in their heads of the drink they wanted to create. Turning it into the product that has now been launched has been an exciting two-year journey. The collaboration with Balsgård Foodtech and Fredrik Beskow has been an important piece of the puzzle in recipe development and getting the flavour just right.

“There has been a lot of testing, balling ideas back and forth, and focus groups. We have taken a long-term approach, and the concept we have developed should feel as viable in five years as it does today,” emphasises Per.

Franka flaskorFranka has a lofty goal – they believe in a future where non-alcoholic drinks do not need to be explained or be considered compromise, and want to become the leading company in non-alcoholic drinks.Initially, the focus is on the Swedish market, but the vision is to reach out internationally. As the first product now hits the market, products two and three have already taken shape in the minds of the team. Now the journey continues.