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Vision Krinova Park

Vision Krinova Park

What will the cities of the future look like? What factors can we think of today to make room for the technology of the future? What makes an area a “journey-worthy object”?

Vision Krinova Park is a project that aims to investigate how a new area of Näsby, Kristianstad, can develop. The project is based on four student reports from the master’s course “Large Structures” at SLU Alnarp, which explored how the new area of Näsby could be developed and linked to the city centre. The new area will be a source of pride and a highly attractive area for tourists and various stakeholders.

The project is built on four cornerstones – innovation, inspiration, passion, and faith in the future

  • Innovation is a matter of having the desire and the courage necessary to create a new type of area with innovative ideas and technologies.
  • Inspiration relates to being a meeting place for people and ideas, showing the way for what is possible.
  • Passion is about enabling people to be co-creators, creators, innovators and entrepreneurs.
  • Faith in the future relates to making room for the future. It is impossible to know what technology we will have 10, 30 or 100 years from now. What we can do now is create room to grow.