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“RES Chains” (Renewable Energy Sources) was run as an EU project within the South Baltic region. In the project, Krinova Incubator & Science Park collaborated with partners in Småland, Skåne, Lithuania, Poland, Germany and Denmark. The project was completed in June 2014.

The project aimed to promote sustainable and renewable energy supply chains. The focus was on applications for biomass and biogas as well as water, wind and solar power. As part of the project, an information node related to Biogas was established at Krinova. The existing environmental exhibit SuperVision, which was inaugurated in November 2008, was expanded with a special biogas exhibit. On Krinova Day on 29 March 2012, the RES Chains Biogas exhibit was inaugurated by Adam Halacinski, the Polish Ambassador in Sweden.

Biogas is one of the keys to the challenge of finding new energy sources for the future. This living exhibit shows thoughts about how biomass, biogas, water power, wind power and solar power can be used in practice. We hope that it will help us raise awareness about energy sources like biogas, and serve as a place for dialogue, meetings and workshops related to the environment. The exhibit aims to raise awareness about biogas and to further establish Krinova as a place for dialogue, meetings and workshops related to the environment.

The biogas sector has great potential for development, and work addressing the challenges for biogas is needed

Some of the challenges identified include:

  • Substrate supply
  • Infrastructure
  • Small-scale technology
  • Filling stations

The project will initially focus on substrate supply, particularly lignocellulose. A network of local and regional companies has been created. Together, they can create a strong business consortium for development of the challenge and for upcoming export opportunities.