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Amplifying the knowledge and use of testbeds

Amplifying the knowledge and use of testbeds

The project aims to increase knowledge about testbeds and how they can be best used for product and process development. The collaboration aims to support entrepreneurs in their development of beverages and foods, particularly small and medium-sized food companies. To this end, the partnership will create online training aimed primarily at business developers, educators and others in innovation environments who support entrepreneurs in their product development.

The training will include a basic introduction to testbeds, what they can be used for, how a test is performed, and the preparations required for testing. With the help of the training, the innovation environments will be better able to convey the benefits of using the test environments and provide the necessary knowledge and advice to companies before use of the testbeds. This way, companies will be better prepared for the tests and will have better conditions for success with their product or process development.

In addition to the training, the project aims to build networks and map out testbeds in each country as an element of increasing companies’ access to the test environments. Through increased knowledge, the collaboration aims to promote product development, processing and entrepreneurship, and will increase the innovation capability in the industry.

The ambition is to create an educational foundation that can be further developed to incorporate additional testbeds, laboratories, and other research infrastructure.

Project period: September 2019 – August 2022